What is 'in-company' Recruitment?

It consists of a Partnership with our client’s HR department (in no case does it imply a substitution of the HR department).

Together with the HR department and the head of each division, we analyze and define the type of profiles of each department. In a systematic and continuous way, the desired professionals are searched for through our own recruitment methodology in the market, as well as job offers published permanently as sources of permanent recruitment of candidates with the purpose of always having open processes of the profile types. This activity allows us to permanently pool candidates and thus avoid the cost of learning about the company and target profiles each time a process is started in a new client.

The continuous monthly interviews give us visibility of our client’s competitors. This service allows us to become familiar with the competition’s salary ranges, their strategies and, if someone is hired, we know where to find him immediately.

This service is therefore great savings as far as implementation time and offers the Client an exceptional view of the market.

In addition to this service, we offer the study of salaries by sectors and positions.